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Vintage Electronics – Schematics and Suppliers

Vintage Electronics – the road left behind I always envy people whom spend thousands of dollars on high end audio equipment in search as always for the best sound. Nowadays there’s a trend towards vintage audio. I do not know what drives this because it encompasses valve/tubes, semiconductors and always analogue, really old stuff. Nostalgia…

stompbox - the incredible GT-100 from BOSS

Guitar Effects, stompboxes – suppliers

Stompboxes – Guitar Effects This article is based on my own research on the web and snippets of building my own projects. Separating facts from opinions can be quite a challenge but one thing is definite, there’s lots of information on the net, lots of schematics, tons of opinions and buying the real McCoy is…

Balanced Lines - Behringer Mixer Xenyx 502

Balanced Lines and Attenuators

Balanced Lines and H-Pads Anyone doing audio work is going to come across balanced lines in long cable runs for either input or output and having a degree in radio technology is the best way to start but in all probability you’ll still at some time or other end up with a noisy network which…

PAIA Corporation

About PAiA
Various PAiA Images PAiA is a leader in the development of kit products for the musician and electronic experimenter. The love of technique drives us to create for others, and to share what we have learned. Entertainment, encouragement and education are our goals. Our company both creates its own products, and works with innovative developers in the community to bring a broad spectrum of new products to the market. PAiA is a Texas corporation with offices in Edmond, Oklahoma and Austin, Texas. Our unique name is trademarked and owned by the John Stayton Simonton, Jr. Revocable Trust and used under license.


Low Voltage Tube Circuits

Some Low Voltage Tube Circuits Doing research on the web it’s not surprising to find the many thousands of requests covering circuits which utilise the starved plate technique. As mentioned previously, I am not an advocate of this approach but it does work well – as long as you do follow the tried and practiced…

Starved Anode - running triodes at very low voltages

Starved Anode – Electron Tube practices

Current Vs Voltage in an amplifier using Starved Anode The electron tube or radio valve is a voltage controlled device with a very high input impedance and output impedance dependent on configuration of output mode, common grid, common anode or common cathode. What puts it sometimes “off-limits” to the casual experimenter are the high voltages…

Electronic Marvel - high power and radio tubes

Electronic Marvel – Electron Tubes

Resilient, Reliable but not eco-friendly – that’s the electronic marvel of the last and current century – the vacuum tube. Through the last 100 years the biggest breakthroughs in thermionic tube or valve designs were the multi-electrode devices, from triode, to tetrode to pentode and of course the multi electrode hex-heptodes. All of this was…


Vintage amplifier schematics

Tube amplifier and add ons – Schematics Electron tubes or radio valves, whichever and whatever way you say it is becoming increasingly popular in the world of sound. Although costing more than their solid state brothers, by keeping to tried and trusted rules, purchasing with your head and not your heart you may be able…