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Hosted by Online Parts International Please go to the official Forum pages here! – this is a very new forum.  The link will take you to the General Category. Expect new categories, comprehensive list of suppliers and DIY information.

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Online Parts International – Global Parts & Suppliers

The Non-Centralization of a Global Parts Network Register as user Register your business Although finding replacement parts, spares and components for any level of industry has never been simpler it has also become more time consuming to sift through the tons of data available on the internet. What has become very obvious over the last […]

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Android and the OS wars

No losers as Android competes against two heavyweights Recently at a software developer’s conference there seemed to be a glut of professionals discussing the downfall of Linux. I found this strange, not because we will always have the great divide, those for all OS and those for Microsoft but because Linux and therefore also Ubuntu […]

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Probe Batteries

The Complete Power Package

An Associate Company of Ukhamba Holdings

Established in 1963
Main focus was Auto Electrical Services and has now been expanded to batteries, starters, alternators and auto electrical components, automotive safety lighting, engine cooling, LED tail and work lights, CCTV for trucks and earthmoving equipment.

We are Direct Importers, Wholesalers & Distributors of our products, as well as offering an Added Value Support – Repair/ Reman facility, technical sales support and training, as well as assistance with implementation of preventative maintenance programs.

Probe a leader in it’s field with over 50 years experience.
Probe has been appointed distributors and aftermarket support for many international brands – Delco Remy, Prestolite/Leece Neville, C.E. Niehoff, Horton, Kysor and SM Power Battery Chargers.

Exclusive distribution agreements: Tudor Batteries (Brazil), North American Signal Company, Roadvision

Other significant product representations: Million Tape, Cole Hersee, Menbers.
Probe in 2014 – Probe purchased the MED and Aristo brands a prominent electrical automotive brand in South Africa along with all it’s stock and marketing IP which will add great value to overall Probe Product range.

Probe has a national branch network with branches in Main Centres:
Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein,
Mining division has operations in Witbank, Rustenburg, Kuruman, Kimberley and Tete in Mozambique

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Hearing damage and high powered sound equipment

Self infliction hearing loss Frightening to think that 50 years back 10W per channel for a stereo system was classified as loud in a fairly large room whilst today 100W is merely entry level. The audio enthusiasts, and there are virtually millions of them, are no longer satisfied with just 200W per channel but are […]

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Lead-Acid Starting and Deep-Cycle Batteries

An elementary look at the lead-acid cell The most common rechargeable or secondary cell used in car batteries is the lead-acid variety.  Even with the curb on hazardous substances, or RoHS, these still remain the most used battery in auto, marine and leisure.  Although so common there remains some disturbing misunderstandings of the common and […]

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The secret to living off the grid

Can one live entirely off the Grid? Like it or not we have a world-wide shortage of power. In India and South Africa regular power outages have become the norm. Inverter and generator sales are going through the roof.  However, getting off the grid is not always that simple. Whilst generators burn fuel and make […]

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Genset driven UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies)

UPS and Generators (marriage made in hell) The harsh reality of many gensets used in the home is that they will enable switching between mains and battery of a line interactive uninterruptible power supply.  This will inevitably cause eventual shut down of the UPS when the battery becomes exhausted or low voltage is sensed. If […]

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Fall in line with Geek Speak and BBB

Geek Speak and the Triple B In a previous article we covered the internet of things which to sum it up really means interconnectivity. Possibly using the TCP/IP protocol. Financial news correspondents love using phrases which are meaningless, maybe your broker as well. Fancy terms are either lost on the audience or just really means […]

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Line Voltage Regulators

[CAUTION: This article is in response to a reader’s mail. It’s a guideline – there many ways to skin a cat. We do not have nine lives – take caution. We will not be held responsible for incorrect wiring, circuitry and/or modifications that our readers carry out themselves. Always consult an electrician. It is highly […]

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Power Inverters – the real thing

Inverters and UPS Buck, boost, invert, batteries and PWM – where does all this fit in? [Editor’s note – this article covers the emphasis of the use of inverter circuitry inside UPS systems. There are many different types of UPS systems available in the market, some only powered by a battery and relay, others by […]

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