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Global Parts

Online Parts International – Global Parts & Suppliers

The Non-Centralization of a Global Parts Network Register as user Register your business Although finding replacement parts, spares and components for any level of industry has never been simpler it has also become more time consuming to sift through the tons of data available on the internet. What has become […]

Racing engines – gas to electric

Noisy engines versus silence in a Formula E A question recently posed by a colleague in our electronics prevalent industry was in which direction motor racing was going with the current V6 technology in formula one as opposed to the formula-E which many technologists believe is the future. From a […]


Auto Parts - the worlds biggest supplier: Bosch

Who makes that Auto Part?   Recently updated !

Why are my auto parts not made by Mercedes? Damn, this is getting silly!  Almost every motorcycle or car website has a forum which complains about one specific model car (or motorcycle) which was a lemon. Either the engine or transmission is a dud. Then we have the electronics. That […]

Breaking the bank for an Automatic Gearbox   Recently updated !

Automatic Gearboxes – are they really all that unreliable? There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the reliability of automatic transmissions over the last five years, not least the semi or manual automatic. In a survey done of the numerous forums covering the steady migration of drivers over to […]

Automatic Transmision 8 Speed

Nuclear Desalination Plant

Drinking water through Desalination

The desalination of seawater needs to be re-invented! Interestingly enough, whilst scientists can put man on the moon, split the atom and build driverless cars we just cannot cope with the water shortage. We can create distilled water from permeable membranes and a vacuum desalinator but it’s never enough or […]

Why Demerit Points don’t work without Insurance

Demerit Points – How to achieve a lot more awareness So there’s an article here that states the the demerit point system does work and I would like to give my version of what I saw and know having worked in the traffic services for close on twenty years in […]

Demerit Points

Mobil Oil ATF3309

Oil – where to use and what to use

Not all Oil is created the same! In a previous article and on the many forums there have been many debates as to which lubricant to use in your car and although the engine lubricant needs to be dumped and refreshed every 3 000 to 10 000 miles many owners […]

Volvo – the Forums

Volvo – Resources As a small continuation to our previous article, Automatic Transmissions – Customer complaints we have added in some of the top Volvo forums to assist owners find solutions to their out of warranty motor vehicles.    Club of America   […]

Volvo Forums

Automatic Transmissions - Cutaway

Automatic Transmissions – customer complaints

Automatic Transmissions – are they all useless? I recently purchased a 2006 Volvo 2T automatic. It left the showroom floor and the next day the transmission service light came on. I was really pissed off – the dealer is closed until the 11th January and only then will they look […]

Forum Registration – Online Parts

Parts-Ring Forum We have been battling on for ages to get a forum which carries the same login for the word press framework as well as the theme. The bridgedd plugin by Dion Designs seems to do the job and encompasses any problems we had with prior bridges and themes. […]

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Driver demerit system

The Driver Demerit System – a proven international standard

The Driver Demerit System – does it work? Why? This article is not necessarily about the now but the then and is strictly opinion based. Feel free to comment. AARTO and the driver demerit system In the Republic of South Africa the AARTO (Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences) and […]