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The Non-Centralization of a Global Parts Network Register as user Register your business Although finding replacement parts, spares and components for any level of industry has never been simpler it has also become more time consuming to sift through the tons of data available on the internet. What has become […]

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Studio Desk - Abbey Road Studios

Studio Desk – drawings and design   Recently updated !

Studio Desk – workstations in progress A common request on the forums is for plans to build a recording studio desk for the amateur or professional musician or recording engineer. Whilst there are many desk designs to choose from we have added a list of links which more or less […]

Top Gear – Eco trashbag of Political Incorrectness, we love it!   Recently updated !

Top Gear tries to cull The Voice of Reason There has been a lot of fuss about Jeremy Clarkson’s suspension by the BBC recently. Amidst all this, BBC are losing a fair share of revenue in this new venture. Whilst I applaud their stand against an employee whom punched a […]

Top Gear - Toybota

Fuel Cells - Proton Exchange Membrance Fuel Cells

What exactly are fuel cells?   Recently updated !

Fuel cells – water, water, everywhere After labouring over rechargeable batteries and believing that just possibly the Lithium Ion cell with all the modern advancements in technology thrown at it may be king we have the fuel cell, in some cases the PEMFC or the use of Polymer Exchange Membrane […]

Rechargeable batteries – The weak link (part one)   Recently updated !

Rechargeable batteries – Lithium Ion is King Through the years there has been huge progress in the manufacture of lightweight high density batteries. Much of modern day tech is around the Li-ion or Lithium Ion battery with Sony being the first company to commercialise rechargeable Li-ion batteries. Sony was also […]

Rechargeable Batteries - the fuel cell

Energy Losses - the AC problem

Energy Losses from Utility to Home

Energy losses – The great DC versus AC debate (Editor’s Note:  This article is not written to disprove any theories about AC transmission lines. We need to be a lot more skeptical about talking DC when the advantages and disadvantages of DC and AC were known about more than a […]

Gadgets for 2015

Gadgets – further exploration needed Forget about gadgets for men, forget about gizmos for women, or kids for that matter – how about some wizardry for dogs? One that caught our eye was the Dual Doggie Pet Leash found on Amazon for about $35.  I have tried the two leashes […]

Gadgets - the game changing ECC83 dual triode

Steam Engine - HMS Warrior 1860

The Steam Engine – the way to the future

The Modern Steam Engine – Rankine and Schoell There has always been a fascination about steam engines. Kids had them, adults dreamed about them, engineers built them and scientists re-invented them. In some countries they are still indispensable in the transport process. Nintendo may have pushed the steam engine off […]

Heat pumps vs Solar heating

There has been much written about heat pumps in lieu of solar energy, many believe that the best is to have both.  The question here is which do you prefer and how much do you save? In our own research there are many in favour of heat pumps but the […]

terra-strada 250cc

Motorcycle Parts – a DIYer’s nightmare

Motorcycle Parts – A cowboy’s wet dream Elsewhere on, Chinese Motorcycles – getting the facts straight, we covered the ever increasing popularity of Chinese imports. An interesting article, along the same lines can be found on Dan’s Motorcycles – Chinese motorcycles. Of course, we like to be skeptical if […]

Inventors in 2015

Inventors? So what’s the story? Many influential people are calling for more manufacturers, more education and more innovation. The biggest problem most 3rd world countries face is not just lack of venture capital and education but pure stability. On top of this, on a global level, we have this pessimist’s […]