Gainclone Amplifier

What is a Gainclone Amplifier

What is a Gainclone Amplifier? Although this is an old topic it shows no signs of disappearing off the map.  Wikipedia describes it as such: “Gainclone or chipamp is a type of audio amplifier made by do-it-yourselfers, or individuals interested in DIY audio. It is a design based on high-power integrated circuits, particularly the National…

Mars Amps

Mars Stereo kits

If you prefer to build your own audio gear, rather than buy ready built units, you are at the right place.

We cater for the first time solderer as well as the seasoned DIY’er.

Our kits come with schematics and layouts to guide you through the assembly of your self built tube amplifier.

If you would rather build these kits under knowledgeable supervision, contact us to find out where and when our next DIY workshop will be held.

Car Speakers - Pioneer TS-D720

Car Speakers in Home Systems

Car Speakers and Home Systems – a match made in hell? A very common topic on the forums is whether a car speaker can be used in a home system. My own experience is a simple “why not!”.  It all depends what you have and how you intend to use it. A young African guy…

Focusrite Audio Interface

Audio Interfaces – Expansion of home theater systems

Stand alone audio interfaces: Flexibility is King Ever found yourself in dire need of a schematic for an ADAC, an analogue to digital to analogue converter. Preferably USB, HDMI and multichannel analogue in/outs. The great news is that you can purchase them on eBay but the bad news is if you are looking for professional…

Marantz 2275

Vintage Electronics – Schematics and Suppliers

Vintage Electronics – the road left behind I always envy people whom spend thousands of dollars on high end audio equipment in search as always for the best sound. Nowadays there’s a trend towards vintage audio. I do not know what drives this because it encompasses valve/tubes, semiconductors and always analogue, really old stuff. Nostalgia…

stompbox - the incredible GT-100 from BOSS

Guitar Effects, stompboxes – suppliers

Stompboxes – Guitar Effects This article is based on my own research on the web and snippets of building my own projects. Separating facts from opinions can be quite a challenge but one thing is definite, there’s lots of information on the net, lots of schematics, tons of opinions and buying the real McCoy is…

Balanced Lines - Behringer Mixer Xenyx 502

Balanced Lines and Attenuators

Balanced Lines and H-Pads Anyone doing audio work is going to come across balanced lines in long cable runs for either input or output and having a degree in radio technology is the best way to start but in all probability you’ll still at some time or other end up with a noisy network which…